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American Valley-Fed Bone Pork Chop 160-180g

American grain-fed pigs are raised on corn and other grains, so they have the sweet taste of grains and no ordinary porky smell. American grain-fed pigs are fed with natural grains. The produced pork chops retain the umami taste of the pork. The meat is tender, soft and juicy, with less fat content than ordinary pigs.

Chicken bone sausage-5pc

The main material is pork, and then put a "chicken spleen bone" in the middle

Ferrarini DOP Parma Ham 90g

Eat with fruit, the taste is more prominent! You can also roll bread sticks to eat

Japanese BBQ (Cooked) with Juice-1.5kg

Do your own Japanese barbecued ramen The char-grilled pork is cooked. It can be eaten just by reheating, convenient and fast! And attach the char-grilled sauce

Piglet Spleen 1000g

Also suitable for opening PARTY, very convenient