Set / Combo Meal (2)

Lamb (4)

Chicken (6)

Pork (11)

Beef (14)

One pack per day (6)

Seafood (8)

Snacks (20)


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生雞胸原隻1包 (大約250g)

自設 ISO22000 認證工場,保證安全可靠衛生。

Pork Belly Chips 1000g

1 pack / 1kg, about 30 tablets.


自設 ISO22000 認證工場,保證安全可靠衛生。

BOSS Vietnamese Canned White Crab Meat

Crab meat is particularly strong and ready to eat immediately after opening

Japanese BBQ (Cooked) with Juice-1.5kg

Do your own Japanese barbecued ramen The char-grilled pork is cooked. It can be eaten just by reheating, convenient and fast! And attach the char-grilled sauce