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8-10 Sugawara Tiger shrimp 1KG

Each box / 1 kg, there are 10 in a box.

A4 Wagyu Beef Grain 300g

Vacuum packed! There is 哂 bar code, batch number! Health and Safety


自設 ISO22000 認證工場,保證安全可靠衛生

American Cowboy Bone 1000g

There are about 9 pieces for 1kg! 4 oz each!

American Strap 1000g

1000g per pack, 1000g about 30 capsules!

American Valley-Fed Bone Pork Chop 160-180g

American grain-fed pigs are raised on corn and other grains, so they have the sweet taste of grains and no ordinary porky smell. American grain-fed pigs are fed with natural grains. The produced pork chops retain the umami taste of the pork. The meat is tender, soft and juicy, with less fat content than ordinary pigs.