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BBQ seafood set from 10 people

The amount will depend on the number of people!

Black truffle burst cheese pill

500g per pack 1 pack contains about 18 capsules A bite of black truffle is good for friends who love

BOSS Vietnamese Canned White Crab Meat

$230.0 $200.0
Crab meat is particularly strong and ready to eat immediately after opening

Chicken bone sausage-5pc

The main material is pork, and then put a "chicken spleen bone" in the middle

Chilean Salmon-250g

~~ Skinless and boneless! Cook for 4-6 minutes on each side!

Italian Black Truffle Parmesan Cheese Sauce 125g

Tin foil + transparent plastic cover! Food can be sealed back into the refrigerator

Japanese BBQ (Cooked) with Juice-1.5kg

Do your own Japanese barbecued ramen The char-grilled pork is cooked. It can be eaten just by reheating, convenient and fast! And attach the char-grilled sauce